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Me me me me me me!

Here's where you want to be if you want me. Before you write me, I just ask that you check a few simple things:

1) This is not the band's address! You can get their addresses here, but if you try to send stuff for them to me, I'll read it and laugh at it and throw it away. Sorry, I'm just cruel like that.

2) Check the F.A.Q. I get a lot of mail every week, and a lot of it is the same questions. To save some time, I've compiled them all into a Frequently Asked Questions list, where you can get your answers immediately. Much for convenient than waiting for me to get off my lazy butt to answer you.

3) Be Nice! I do try hard to make this a great page, and I'm open to suggestions, but when you threaten to kill me, I have to be honest, my feelings get hurt a little. Bribing me with sweet stuff always helps.

There, that wasn't hard, was it? Now, with that out of the way, let's explain:

I'm Opus Moreschi, known to the band as Puff Opus, known to you all as the kind and benevolent ruler of The 5% Nation. I'm a friend and fan of Soul Coughing, as well as a student at Emerson College, where I am an RA, in a comedy troupe, write for a magazine, host a radio show, have two majors and generally get too little sleep. You can visit my home page at Anybody who would like to send me money can do so. I need it.

To send me neat stuff write to:

Opus Moreschi
6 Arlington St
Boston MA, 02116

Or to email The 5% Nation , write to

Sorry! I have had some serious problems
with getting mail at this address... until furher notice
I will not be getting mail there. I'm working to set up a
new account for Soul Coughing related
inquiries, but as of now my mailbox is temporarily
closed. I apologize to anybody who may have sent mail
there over the past few months; I doubt I'll be
able to recover it and respond. Sorry again!


I love each and everything I get from you. And I love each and every one of you. I'm just chock full of love, frankly.

Go To Top Of Page, Dammit!

Questions? Comments? Free Candy? Send 'em all to me!