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Becuse I've got a mad amount of extra stuff laying around that has to do with Soul Coughing, and because you rabid fans out there devour every nubbin I provide, I present you with The Stuff Which Did Not Fit Elsewhere. Enjoy!

El Oso Sings!

Somebody at WB made this clever little self-contained program, to promote the new Rolling single. You can download it for Mac or PC, and should do so... now.

The Origins of El Oso

This photo, given to me by Mark DeGliAntoni, is of a restaurant in San Francisco and he says was part of the inspiration for the cover of El Oso.

Soul Coughing Windows Theme

The kind and talented Shawn McGivern has come up with this desktop Theme for windows machines. Seeing as I'm not running that sort of machine, I can't test it out, but Shawn assures me it's it combines fun and functionality. The 3.9 megs of joy can be downloaded here.

Soul Coughing's Secret Recipe, taken from a 1994 Warner Brother promotional Christmas booklet...

Powerful Crackers and Cheese Blend

A fair amount of crackers
A sizeable chunk of cheese

Proceed to your local grocer. Select a fine cheese, preferably a non-sweaty sort of cheese. Select a distinctive, non-crumbly cracker, preferably with salt added. Pay your local grocer and thank him for the crackers, you cheese, whatever beverageyou may have purchased, perhaps the cigarettes or newspaper you may also have purchased. Go to you own hom. Select a knife, prefeably a steak kife of similarly cruel pieve of domestic cutlery. Slice said cheese, preferably down the whole of thehunk, at a thickness not ot exceed four millimeters. Balance cheese delicately upon the cracker. Season to taste. Rinse. Repeat.

The Coughmobile

Photo of the car of Anne Marie Kwasnik, super Soul Coughing fan and all-around nice gal. After hearing too many 15-year old rabid fans squeal with glee over it, she has taken to telling people "It's German for 'Go F*** Yourself'."

Soul Coughing Screen Saver

This is the creation of Donald Lessau and XBeat. It's a lovely little screen saver for download. Unfortunatly, it's only for PCs so what follows is the complicated list of instructions that is needed for any PC program.

(0) PC 386 CPU or better, Windows 3.1 upwards (Win95/NT inclusive), a mouse
is a very good idea, a color monitor would be quite nice, too, 256 color
works fine, SVGA High-color (16 bit) or Truecolor (24 bit) for ultimate
(1) Download file has 419 KB
(2) After Un-zipping and running INSTALL.EXE the following files are copied
to your machine:
- Win-Dir: VROOM.SCR 1120 KB (the screen saver)
- WinSys-Dir: CMDIALOG.VBX 19 KB (run time library)
(3) VBRUN300.DLL (390 KB) is required but NOT included (most everybody has
it anyway)!
(4) Features:
- generally it's one of them floating and bouncing things, but PRETTY!
- You can choose among various S.Coughing images (incl. devil, f'coz)
- Adjust speed, angles, combinations ...
- Password-protection
- it's FREE!

Randy's Vegas Top 10

Anybody who knows Soul Coughing knows of the great Randy Kaye, close friend of the band who works at Warner Brothers. His recent trip to Vegas inspired him to come up with the following list. Enjoy!

  1. the street are paved with gold.
  2. record 2 million elvis impersonators arrived in hot air balloons shaped like pink cadillacs!
  3. heard the cardigans in every casino.
  4. ate all the lox on the caesar's palace buffet.
  5. bought crack at the opening of new york new york.
  6. felt-up 10 lovely showgirls.
  7. had animalistic sex with, and later ended up marrying siegfried AND roy!
  8. won 1.7 million dollars at circus circus.
  9. no one knew who the hell soul coughing were.
  10. wade jesus has a nasty rep. in vegas.

A Couple Of White Boys

I'll let you look at this picture of myself and Doughty on one condition: that you fully realize what a bad photo it is. You have to understand; I don't normally look that weird. But Doughty doesn't look so hot either, so I don't feel so bad. But it's not a representational sample, I warn you. Got it? Okay.

Dancing Salimanders

A fellow named made up this little film, in which a computer animated newt (the lizard, not the weasel) dances to Bhudda Rhubarb Butter. If you like it, he simply asks that you tell him so.

Gus's Superlist

Mega-cool tour manager Gus Brandt sends along this list of the

Top 35 Greatest Stories Ever Told
1. Cobb
2. Catwalk
3. Billy Jack
4. Breakfast Club
5. Tommy Boy
6. Valley Girl
7. Barfly
8. The Professional
9.  Last American Virgin
10.  Heathers
11. Weird Science
12. Sixteen Candles
13. Three O'clock High
14.  Teen Wolf 2
15. Bad News Bears
16. Star Wars: Wookie Christmas Special
17. Dolemite
18.  Tougher Than Leather
19.  Billy Madison
20. Goodfellas
21.  Last Boy Scout
22. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead
23.  Joanie Loves Chachi Final Episode
24. Return of Billy Jack
25. From Dusk Til Dawn
26. Cool Hand Luke
27. Hiding Out
28. Satisfaction
29. Forrest Gump
30.  Warm Summer Fun
31.  The Karys
32.  Hollywood Knights
33.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off
34.  Last Seduction
35.  Fletch


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