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March 20, 2000

After eight successful years together as a band, Soul Coughing have amicably decided to go separate ways. This is not an end, but rather a new beginning for all.


Each of them has been working with other people throughout the duration of Soul Coughing, and collectively they decided to refocus their attentions onto other projects. M. Doughty is working extensively on his solo record, has just finished a single with BT, and continues to write with the NY Press. Mark DeGliAntoni is working on a new Horse Tricks record as well as working on music for an IMAX film. Sebastian Steinberg just got off the road with Beth Orton, and continues to work with Yuval Gabay on the drums and bass project UV Ray. Yuval Gabay continues to write and perform with that band, and recently wrapped up a small tour with Krust.


The band would like to sincerely thank their fans for all the support they have received over the years. They hope that this enthusiasm follows them into the new endeavours that they are exploring.

For More Information on the band members' current projects,
please visit the following sites:

SCUG - Soul Coughing Underground is still working hard to chronicle the endeavors of the boys.

UV Ray Online - The web home of Yuval Gabay and Sebastian Steinberg's Drum N' Bass group.

Super Special - M. Doughty's Bulletin Board

Soul Coughing Radio - 24/7 Broadcast of Soul Coughing songs, shows, and rarities.

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