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March 1, 2000

Everybody's favorite keybaordsamplerman, Mark De Gli Antoni, is all over the new album by Mark Scofield's upcoming album, Bump. Scofield, whose career spans many genres of jazz guitar, has Mark on many of the tracks of Bump, along with Chris Wood of Modeski, Martin, and Wood, as well as members of Sex Mob and Deep Bananna Blackout. The CD's due out on March 14th, but you should line up now at your local record store to avoid the rush.

Mark will also be touring with Scofield to support Bump, and you can catch some of his tour dates on the tour date page. Go, buy, see, enjoy!

Soul Coughing will also be on another release due out in March, the compilation album Songs for Summer. The album was assembled by Adam Gimbel, who made the CD as a tribute ot his girlfriend Summer Brannin, who died at the age of 21 of kidney cancer. Songs for Summer features her favorite artists and songs, including Soul Coughing doing a live version of "True Dreams of Wichita", as well as Ben Folds Five, Neutral Milk Hotel, the B-52s, and G-Love, among others. The proceeds from the album go towards the charity "Free Arts for Abused Children." With a great lineup and a great cause, it's highly reccomended you pick up this album. You can also find out more about Summer Brannin at the website See Summer Swing Dance.

Last month's Liquid Audio track, "Shake Your Super Bon Bon - Desperado Mix", caused so much bruhaha that we've decided to keep it available for another month. Meanwhile, there was a (rather misinformed) article on the subject in, and Doughty weighed in on the subject in the NYPress. Can a lawsuit be far behind?

Febuary 2, 2000, in conjunction with SCUG, is proud to announce the birth of the Soul Coughing News List. Run by the wonderful Den Momma, this news list will send out missives every few weeks and keep you up to date on many events going on in the Soul Coughing universe. Best of all, it's free to all carbon-based life forms! To get it, send an email to:

with the following text in the body of the message:

subscribe soulcoughing

Sometime next week you'll receive your first batch of news! This list is announcement-only, so you'll have very little extra email cluttering up your screen, and your name and email address will NOT be sold or given to any othe party What do you have to lose?

In case you weren't convinced to join the mailing list, The Den Momma has cooked up a contest to entice you in. Two lucky new subscribers will be chosen at random to receive FREE passes to see Sebastian Steinberg with Beth Orton, opening for Beck at a threatre near you, or a special prize pack from Mark De Gli Antoni himself. It's your choice! Go! Sign up! It's easy and fun!

I'd suggest you go and download this month's controversial Liquid Audio File while it's still available. The buzz is that it may not be around for much longer...

Febuary 1, 2000

Some of you may have heard straings of Soul Coughing while watching late-night cable TV and thought you were going silly. But silly you were not, since Beck's Beer is using Soul Coughing in a series of ads running exclusively on ESPN. The ads are using previous material and some newly-mixed songs courtesy of Mark De Gli Antoni. We may get samples up on this site soon, so stay tuned.

Many of you have heard of UV Ray, the drum 'n bass supergroup featuring Sebastian Steinberg, Yuval Gabay and Tony Maimone, but unless you live and club in New York, you haven't had the chance to hear them yet. That is, until now, since a show of theirs is at You'll have to use the search feature to find "UV Ray" in the January 13th version of the "Velocity" show, and once you get that you'll have to do a little searching to find the part that features UV Ray. But isn't great music worth it?

For those of you who can't get their fill of Yuval Gabay, I recently discovered he is on nearly half of the tracks of the new Krust album, Coded Language. You may remember Krust as part of the phenomenal drum and bass collective Reprazent, and you may remeber Yuval Gabay as being the amazing drum beat that won't leave your skull. The combination could well be deadly.

A recently article Doughty wrote on the wonders of the American college system was recently printed in the New York Press; an online version of the article can be found here.

Lastly, from the "Who Knew He Was Still Alive" files, I have reports that Rush Limbaugh has begun to use Super Bon Bon for the music bumpers to and from commercials. While I cannot confirm this myself, reports do show that Sebastian finds this whole thing very very funny.

January 19, Y2K

The band is hitting the road... in peices! I've just found out that Doughty is doing what he describes as the "littlest tour ever"... comprising two solo dates on the West Coast and four in Europe. You can check the tour dates page to see if you're one of the ones lucky enough to be close when he straps on the ol' acoustic guitar.

Equally of note is that bassist extraordinaire is going to be touring with critically acclaimed folkster Beth Orton on her new tour that will take them to Australia and New Zealand, among other places. Sebastian will be backing up beth with his bass virtuoso, so try to see them if you live down under. He'll also be with her as she opens for Beck when they return to the US... check under Beth Orton or Beck for more info.

January 1, Y2k

Those of you who were worried that your computer woulds top working today should be feeling silly right about now. And frankly, your computer's feelings are hurt. Make it up to the little box o' wires by heading over to Mixman Technology's website. They offer a downloadable mix maker, and have just come out with a "D*Plate" for Soul Coughing's "Circles" that you can download free. . That's right, you can have your very own Circles remix ready in time for next year's New Years party, when your bunker will make a bitchin' dance floor. 

December 2, 1999

The biggest Soul Coughing-related event to hit New York this season is clearly the benefit show they'll be performing this Saturday, December 4, at the Bowery Ballroom. It's the only full Soul Coughing show in months, and it also will feature superbands Girls Vs. Boys, Furious George, and Hangadogs. And it's all to benefit the legal fund of cartoonist Danny Hellman, so if you're anywhere near Gotham City, head on down for a night of generosity and music. 

November 1, 1999

The big news is that Doughty is currently working of firming up dates for a solo tour. As of now, we don't know anything at all, but he hopes to start in December. He'll be playing stripped-bare acoustic versions of Soul Coughing classics as well as songs from his as-yet-unreleased solo album, Skittish. Stay tuned to for more info as it happens.

Many of you may be wondering where are the .mp3s? We've switched over to Liquid Audio files, but we'll continue to bring you free monthly downloads. Check out the November tracks here.

October 10, 1999

I have heard unsubstantiated rumors that our own fab frontman M. Doughty is in an article in the November issue of Teen People that starts on page 128. Doughty, while no longer a teen, falls under the "people" category and so must have qualified for coverage.

August 3, 1999

A recent single release of Citizen King's song "Better Days" features a remix by some folks called "McMonkey and Fries" - a duo we know better as our own M. Doughty and Sebastian Steinberg. I've seen the single in local record shops, and I think that this link will get you the right one, too, but don't be too sure. One half of Soul Coughing plus one part Citizen King equals 99 1/10th % cool.

Doughty also has launched his own brightly-colored web site, at, where he dispenses his thoughts and commentary on anything and everything people ask him. His goal, he's said, is to make the site into more of a multi-faceted webzine. As it stands, it's a very active bulletin board with a population hanging on his every word. Go ahead, check it out!

July 26, 1999

Our own lead boy M. Doughty has a track on a new spoken word compilation entirled "What's The Word" put out by Invisible Records. The album is set to come out on August 3rd, and Doughty's track is called "The Twenty Sevens". Other artists doin' the spoken word thing on the album include Mike Watt, Jello Biafra, and You. Yes, You.

The They Might Be Giants mp3-only album Long Tall Weekend is out at, and with it the track with Yuval Gabay's drumming called Token Back To Brooklyn. The tracks can be downloaded here, individually for a mere 99 cents or en masse for a mere 8.99. Cheap!

Doughty has mentioned that he wants to work on a solo album and do a solo tour after this summer's jaunt is over. Considering he's already recorded an entire, unreleased album with Kramer, he should have enough to work off of. I'll try to keep you updated if I learn anything new.

July 6, 1999 - Special Update

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Mark Sandman, lead singer of Morphine. They are saddened by his passing and by no longer being able to trour as planned with the band. Sebastian Steinberg, longtime friend of Sandmans, said, "The loss is tremendous both to the world of bass, song, and music as well as to those fortunate enough to have known Mark personally - the only solace I've been able to find is that my friend died doing what he loved mostÖ.making great music. My heart truly goes out to Billy, Dana, and all those who loved him."

July 1, 1999

Well, our boy wonder bassist Sebastian Steinberg has been quite busy lately, apparently. Many people have reported that he's touring and playing with folkie Beth Orton. And he's also listed in the credits to the new Cibo Matto album, Stereo Type A, which I can personally vouch for as a kickass disc. I would personally reccomend running out and buying several copies of the disc, for storage through the Y2K crisis, when quality music will be used as currency.

New rumors surface about little drummer man Yuval Gabay; after a guest stint on John Flansburg's side project Mono Puff, he's going back for more. According to, Gabay will be drumming on a tracked called "Token Back To Brooklyn" on They Might Be Giant's upcoming internet-only album, "Long Tall Weekend". No word on an exact release date on that album, but apparently it will only be available in .mp3 format. Yuval Gabay: drummer of the future.

That's not to say that Doughty's been sitting on his butt, though. (Although, come to think of it, where else would he sit?). Doughty revealed last week on a Very Special Epsiode of Howard Stern's radio show that he is, in fact, Dirty Sanchez. For those not in the know, Dirty Sanchez is a collumn written weekly in the New York Press on the music industry, and until now it had been a great mystery who the actual author was. The mystery is revealed, but Doughty has no intention of stopping.

Let's see... we've covered Sebastian, Yuval, and Doughty... who's left? If you said Mark, you win! I'll turn the mic over to my old and considerably curlier-haired friend, Adam Stern, who has something he'd like to say:

"Greetings, fellow Coughers. Having had the good fortune of knowing Mr. Mark
De Gli Antoni as I have for some time now, I decided that our
keyboard-playin' sample-slayin' genius has been ignored for far too long.
Our boys in Soul Coughing don't get enough press as it is, and when they do,
my man Mark gets the shaft... and I won't stand for it! So, after clearing
it with him first (obviously), I am going ahead with an exclusive interview
with him. Now, this interview could be mine and no one else's, but that
would be mean, and we don't like mean people. Being a man of the people, I
want your questions! This is your chance to ask Mark anything you want,
about himself, his life in The Cough, his favorite type of cheese, whatever.
Just don't ask pointless and stupid questions to be witty. (That means you,
funny boy!) Come on, people, this is your chance. Use it! I set up the
following aptly-named e-mail address just for this: ... I figure I'll take questions for at least a
month, so start sending. I'll check back with y'all later. Thanks!"
--Adam Stern (a.k.a. Sideshow Bob)

But what about the band as a whole?, I hear you ask. My goodness, you're a demanding bunch. Well, there have been a limited number of vinyl copies of a remix of Rolling that have been shipped to DJs in clubs across this country. Next time you're out tripping the light fantastic, request it and enjoy! And, of course, the new single "St. Louise Is Listening" is shipping to radios on July 6th, so request away!

Older news items can be found, in reverse chronological order, on the older news page.

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