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June 17, 1999

The new single "St. Louise Is Listening" will ship to radios on July 6th. As soon as that date rolls around, you should program your local post-rock radio station into your speed dial, call up "Drive-Time Dan" every 30 seconds, and scream the title into your receiver. C'mon, show your support.

Speaking of the new single, it's now available as a LiquidAudio download at this link: St. Louise Is Listening,. As groovy as the song is, I am assuming there are those of you out there who are saying, "Yes, that's all fine and dandy, but I already have El Oso! Give me something new!" So we comply. I have been speaking to Mark who says that, some time early next week, a new track called "Strang Thang" which you will be able to purchase. Mark says it's a real humdinger, and I tend to beleive him. Stay tuned for more!

Speaking of Mark, his album Horse Tricks is now available at It's gone into its second printing, and full of fun. You can also find new Yo-Yos and T-shirts there, so warm up your credit card and get that holiday shopping done really early.

Okay, here's where the news gets really weird. Trust me on this one: click on this link to find the new Ricky Martin album. Stay with me here. Ricky's got a track on his new album called "Shake Your Bon Bon." Listen to that track. Now, it would be wrong of me to suggest that there's any connection between "Shake Your Bon Bon" and "Super Bon Bon". Wrong, and libelous. No matter how tempting it is, I wouldn't ever suggest that. But have a listen and reach your own bizarre conclusion.

Wondering what the band has to say about this cross-cultural genre-bending "coincidence"? Well, worry not, because Doughty will be on Howard "Inbred King Of All Media" Stern's show on Monday morning at 6:30 am eastern time. Wake up, wipe the sleep out of your eyes, and find out how this strange chapter in Cough history plays itself out.

June 3, 1999

The word from my connections is that the next single off of El Oso will be "St. Louise is Listening." It should ship to radio stations sometime in mid-July. Nothing else is confirmed about that yet, but when I know, so will you.

For those of you out west who have been jonesing for a little Cough, your luck may be changing. Soul Coughing and Morphene will be touring west coast cities. The tour will start in late July, and when I find out the exact tour places and dates, of course, I shall post them.

May 12, 1999

Rumor has it that Doughty will have a track called "The Twenty-Sevens" on the upcoming album "What's The Word" on Invisible Records. The Album is due out on May 25th and appears to be a spoken word thingy. I haven't confirmed this yet, but I will try... other artists on the album include Jello Biafra, Mike Ladd, and "MC Big Fish," whoever that is.

I have more info on Mark's solo album, Horse Tricks. It will soon be available at and is really an all-star effort. Any true cough-head will recognize many of the tracks, like "Mermaid", and "Alabama" (the background music to the unreleased "Adolpha Zantzinger") Yuval, Sebbie and Doughty all do guest stints on the album, as does Elliott Smith and Alan & Mimi Spearhawk. Weird musical inventiveness worth checking out.

April 23, 1999

It's here! After a long wait, Soul Coughing keyboardest/samplerman/all-around-nice-guy Mark De Gli Antoni finally has a solo album. The album, Horse Tricks, is now available at CDNow and should be available soon at I personally can't wait for my copy, since all the other members of the band have attested that it's a really great album. And they wouldn't lie, not even to make Mark happy.

April 2, 1999

Well, it's taken me a while, but I've gotten some really juicy tidbits for you here. First off, Soul Coughing has recorded a song for an upcoming Frank Sinatra tribute album. The tune, called "The Coffee Song", has drummer Yuval Gabay singing the lead. When I know more about when the album's going to be released, you'll be the first to know.

Mark De Gli Antoni's solo album has been recorded and ready to be released. The album, called "Horse Tricks", will be out on John Zorn's Tzadik label. The album itself is wonderful, and was getting much play by the band on their tour bus recently. Mark himself is looking into opening his own small label, to release some material of friends of his. He tols me he wants to release all of the tracks, free, on the internet in .mp3 form, and allow people to purchase the actual album if they feel they'd like to. This is all in the formative stages, and I'll have more as it gets closer to a reality.

In remix news, the band has worked on a couple of side projects. Doughty and Sebastian, working under the name "McMonkey and Fries," have remixed a Citizen King track to appear on an upcoming single. And Doughty has remixed the built to spill song "Else." He's not sure what's going to happen with that track at this point, but it's intruiging enough to raise a few eyebrows from discrimintating rock fans.

March 1, 1999

The boys continue to warm up America on the Sno-Core Tour, but that doesn't mean they dont have time for some internet shenanigans. Doughty has rigged up his own bulletin board site, and encourges you all to go there and share the love.

CDnow dropped the price of the import version of El Oso to $26.00, a heads up for all of you still hoping to catch those extra tracks that the Japanese people are privvy to.

Febuary 1, 1999

Warner Brothers announced that "Rolling" will be the second single off of "El Oso" and should ship some time this month to radio stations. The release had been delayed because of the phenomenal staying power of the ultra-addictive "Circles". We'll let you know when you can start bugging your local deejay to play it.

In other funtastic news, The Cartoon Network was so taken by some of the cartoon clips show in synch to music at recent Soul Coughing live shows that they decided to make their own animated shorts. One is for "Rolling" and features old footage of Betty Boop in a car race, the other for "Circles" which includes Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, and a veritable Who's Who of old Hanna-Barbara cartoon characters. Stay tuned to this website for more info on when these cartoons might start airing.

We here at the Five Percent Nation are still hoping you follow this link to the Addicted To Noise reader's poll and vote for us for best band web site. The last time I won something was a game of Monopoly in 1987, and frankly, I think my parents let me win.

January 24, 1999

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates recently... my hard drive crashed, completely. I lost all of my data and a quarter of my friends because of it. Anybody who feels like donating hardware to me can write me at the normal address.

The official Sno-Core tour site is up, and you can go there to explore and enjoy. Be warned, though, regulars of the 5% Nation may find the band bios to be a tad familiar...

And those beautiful, talented, and not-immune-to-flattery folks at Addicted to Noise are doing awards for music and this l'il site is nominated for Best Band Site. Of course, it's an honor just to be nominated... and of course, if you'd like to vote, you can do so through this link. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for. But my dying mother would love to see her son win this award before she dies...

January 3, 1999

Sorry for the last-minute news, but I just found out that our pals Soul Coughing will be on MTV's 120 Minutes tonight. There will be an interview with the lads, and undoubtably a showing of "Circles" on the show tonight at midnight EST. Tune in, but beweare of being hypnotized by Matt Pinfield's skull.

A reminder that the Japanese import of El Oso is now available for sale and can be purchased here with the extra tracks 212 and Rare Star Ball. Mine's hopefully in the main speeding it's way to me... joy!

December 23, 1998

Soul Coughing is taking a well-deserved holiday break, but they send their best for this holiday season. Keep your pants on, though, they'll be back soon enough. They've joined Redman, Everclear and DJ Spooky on the Levi's Sno-Core tour. The tour launches in Anchorage, Alaska on Febuary 2nd and will run around seven weeks. Of course, when I get exact dates, I'll post them right up, you can count on that.

Thanks to a tip from the ever-vigilant Spensor, I have found out that the Japanese version of El Oso has been released. Many Americans may be scratching their heads, wondering "How does this news affect me?" Well, friend, it's important for the die-hard Cough fan because this version features two bonus tracks: 212 and Rare Star Ball. The album can be purchasesd here just in time for Xmas. Or at least for New years.

November 17, 1998

There is a new remix of "Circles" that is out and being played on some radio stations. I'll have information on who did that mix and when, if ever, it will be available soon.

The "Circles" video has been completed, and it's pretty cool. Think Magritte meets J Crew. Bah, why am I describing it to you, you can try to catch it on your favorite local video music station or on the video clips page here.

According to Greg "Numbers" Wymer, famous radio personality and all-around-nice guy, Circles seems to be just about peaking around 6 or 7 on the radio charts. This is, however, charts from before Soul Coughing's appearance on Letterman, and there may be more activity now that the video is completed. Keep an eye out and I'll tell you what the next single is as soon as I know

October 22, 1998

Soul Coughing will be playing a Audio/Video Cybercast and Chat from the Irving Plaza tomorrow! The SonicNet/Yahoo! Chat starts at 7:00 PM (ET), 4:00 (PT), and the cybercast is at 9:30 PM (ET), 6:30 PM (PT). I'd highly suggest you tune in for the live sound, you won't be dissapointed. Click here for more information.

For those of you who have yet to see the boys of Cough live, I suggest you do so as soon as they pull through your town. Or, if needed, travel great distances for the show: they're tighter than ever and have a new lighting and video setup that makes the experience overwhleming.

Soul Coughing spent Wednesday in New York City filming the video for "Circles". Doughty tells me it has to do with "unraveling sweaters and mobius strips." The director is the same fella who did all of those "Gap" ads, so expect good things. I'll let you know when it gets closer to releasal.

In other Circles news, Greg "Numbers" Wymer of WFNX fame has provided me with the latest stats on that single: it has broken the Top 10 mark, reaching #9 on the alternative music charts! It looks like the single may continue to climb, so keep calling in those requests!

Those of you who have been following The Cough for quite some time will surely remember the antics of Gentleman Jim, the sometimes-clothed roadie who delighted us all with his antics. It seems he's delighted another person... I'll let him explain it himself, with his own story here.

For all of you who are already jonesing for more Soul Coughing a month after El Oso, you can pick up KCRW Rare On Air Volume Four, an album with a live version of "Disseminated" on it. It also has live tracks from Jeff Buckley and Tom Waits, among others... worth checking out.

October 15, 1998

Greg "Numbers" Wymer, our radio insider, again reports on the successes of El Oso. It has premiered at #49 on the Billboard album chart, selling just under 30,000 copies. That's good stuff. And, Circles is still rising on the alternative charts, currrently hovering at around #16.

Wymer also tells me that Swing magazine has a 2 page interview with Doughty and and Alternative Press has El Oso as their lead review. Wymer's on top of things. We thank Wymer.

All of you who want to know more about El Oso and it's curious and enigmatic cover animal should visit Jim Woodring's homepage. Woodring is the visionary weirdo behind the creature and deserves full support.

October 4, 1998

El Oso has arrived! (Of course, those of you who enjoy vinyl have had it for more than a week now.) It's got 14 tracks, a butt-rocking sound, and is yellow. Go purchase it now.

Greg "Numbers" Wymer of WFNX gives us the update on the radio life of "Circles". His watchful eye has let us know the song has crept up to #22 on the charts, and much here on our depends on how well the record sells and whether some of the bigger markets decide to promote the song more heavily. Get your calls in and let 'em know how much you dig the tune.

For those of you interested in spin, read the interesting press release about El Oso to find out the nitty gritty behind the album.

Mark has supplied me with this picture and confessed that it was very influtential in the cover design of the album. Apprently, it's a now-defunct restaurant in his native San Francisco. Nummy.

September 18, 1998

The biggest, baddest news, you must note, is the site... completely redone to reflect the wonders of El Oso, coming to a store near you on September 29th (September 22nd in Vinyl format). I'll judge public response to the new look to decide whether to keep it or to revert back to "5% Nation Classic" after some time.

Greg "Numbers" Wymer of WFNX has given me the lowdown on how well "Circles" is doing. According to him, Circles is number 25 on Alternative radio and one of the Top 10 most added songs. Get your calls in to your local radio stations now and pump up those numbers, folks.

Even more exciting is that our lads are scheduled to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman on November 4th. Set your VCRs now to see Soul Coughing inch closer to prime time.

It should also be noted that Doughty's fabulous essay "Listener Appreciation" is in the new book Shiny Adidas Tracksuits and The Death of Camp: The Best of Might Magazine. Might, for those of you who might remember, was the brief, brilliant magazine that lived for a few years in the early part of this decade and contained some of the most brilliant and witty writing I have ever seen. I still lament the fact that I can no longer buy it, and sometimes I can be seen poking through the magazine racks in hopes some wise millionare ressurected it. Even though I've got every issue but the first in a box in my closet, I'll still buy the book. You should, too.

September 5, 1998

El Oso grows closer, and many of your are gnawing off body parts in anticipation. Well, gnaw gno longer, my friend, you'll have your chance at a sneak preview this Sunday night, September 6th. Local Boston radio station WFNX is previewing the entire album starting at 11pm EDT, with famous cough-head Greg Wymer on the mic. What's that, you're not in the Boston area, and you can't hear Wymer's silky smooth tones? They've thought of that, too... head over to and click the link to hear the station in streaming realaudio.

This Addicted To Noise story delves more into the mysteries and wonders of El Oso... That Gil Kaufman certainly knows where it's at.

For those of you itching to spend your dough, El Oso can be preordered now to arrive on it's release day. Go to this link to get yours, or if you'd like vinyl or older Soul Coughing material check out what they've got at CDNow.

For those of you still wondering, Yes, the 7" single for "Circles" has been released, and, no, you can't get a copy no matter how hard you pester your local shopkeeper. The single was a promotional-only item, sent to college radio station and to anybody who entered the contest to design the cover. Makes you wish you had tried, now, doesn't it?

August 17, 1998

This hardly seems like much on an eve where the President admits to White House nookie, but you can find an article written by Doughty in the Septemeber issue of Jane Magazine. The article is on page 60 and concerns the allure of British women.

Also, I've got some lovely tour dates available on the tour dates page... there will be more to come as Soul Coughing plans their support of El Oso this fall... stay tuned!

August 10, 1998

First things first: I have some small corrections to the previously reported track information about El Oso. This new list is much more accurate:

  1. Rolling (3:36)
  2. Misinformed (3:35)
  3. Circles (3:07)
  4. Blame (5:01)
  5. St Louise Is LIstening (4:28)
  6. Maybe I'll Come Down (4:30)
  7. Houston (4:04)
  8. $300 (3:08)
  9. Fully Retractable (3:25)
  10. Monster Man (4:15)
  11. Pensacola (4:16)
  12. I Miss The Girl (4:00)
  13. So Far I Have Not Found The Science (2:53)
  14. The Incumbent (6:46)

Remember, El Oso hits the street on Septembet 29th, with the Vinyl release of September 22nd... get ready!

In addition, I have a small correction to the 7", which will be released on August 25th. Every entry to the recent contest will get one free, and the cover art is the winner of that contest.

Side A

Side B


These Are The Reasons


Adopha Zantziger

Be sure to check out the real audio clip of "Circles" in the audio samples section... your first bonafide taste of El Oso. Sure to leave you drooling for more...

Speaking of odd sound clips, I was poking about the net the other day, avoiding work, and I stumbled across "Migraine Boy"'s website at These comic strips are hillarious. amd I've been a fan for a while, but the site also gives you the opportunity to hear these comic strips in RealAudio. Some of the voices for Migraine Boy sound an awful lot like a certain band's lead singer/poet... I'm still trying to confirm this, but I thought you'd be interested in checking it out.

July 23, 1998

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you... finally... El Oso:

  1. Rolling (3:35)
  2. Misinformed (3:25)
  3. Circles (3:07)
  4. Blame (5:01)
  5. St Louise Is LIstening (4:36)
  6. Maybe I'll Come Down (4:30)
  7. Houston (4:04)
  8. $300 (3:08)
  9. Fully Retractable (3:25)
  10. Monster Man (4:15)
  11. Pensacola (4:16)
  12. I Miss The Girl (4:00)
  13. So Far I Have Not Found The Science (2:53)
  14. The Incumbent (6:46)

All tracks produced by Tchad Blake and Soul Coughing, except "Blame" and "The Incumbent", produced by Soul Coughing and Optical, and Fully Retractable, produced by Soul Coughing and Pat Dillet. Total running time: 57:04.

The new album, needless to say, is rocking my butt to the ground and back again. It's much less bass-y and much more drum'n'bass-y. And before you blast my email box with requests, no, I can't copy it for you. But hang on, we should have an audio clip up as soon as next week.

I also have the information about the 7" Single, for which Soul Coughing recently picked a contest winner. It will contain the following tracks:

Side A

Side B


These Are The Reasons



As I suspected, the track on the upcoming soundtrack for "Dead Man On Campus" is the Propellorheads remix of Super Bon Bon that can be found on the import single, promo single, or Japanese import album. It is not a "cover" of the song, as previously reported by some music news sources.

A tip o' the hat to Goldsmith, who let me know that Doughty will be appearing on "MTV 1515" this weekend to talk about "irony and moshing". has the info about it, and you can catch the show on the cable monolith Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 11am and 7pm, and Sunday at 11:30 am.

For those who are interested in me, Opus, the webmaster of, you can head over to my new homepage at to find out more.

July 10, 1998

Street dates! Finalized! El Oso is more or less in the bag, and will be released on Vinyl on the 22nd of September, and having a full release on September 29th. More information will be coming very very soon.

Speaking of very very soon, I've been told that a contest winner will be announced by the end of this weekend. Thank you all for being so patient, and I expect you all to hold your breath in anticipation until the time comes that I post the winner.

A thank you to all who responded to my call for help... I am no longer looking for help in those cities... mucho gracias!

July 3, 1998

Our own M. Doughty is going to be reading his poetry on July 27th at his old haunt The Knitting Factory in New York City. It's part of The Last Word spoken word series being organized by poet/promoter/all-around-swell-gal Nicole Blackman. Doughty will read selections from his excellent chapbook, Slanky, and should generally excite you down to your toes. The show is in the downstairs room at the Knitting Factory, also known as The Old Office, 74 Leonard Street NYC. For more info you can call 212-219-3006. Allstar Mag has an article about the event, as well.

Rumor has it that Yuval Gabay/Sebastian Steinberg/Tony Maimone Drum N' Bass supergroup U.V. RAY is playing agin on August 1st at CBs Gallery in New York City. I envy you big apple folk.

For those of you waiting patiently for any news of the 7" Contest or the new album, I beg of you, just hold on a bit longer. I've been talking to the powers that be who tell me its that close to being done, but I can't tell you the details until it's all confirmed. It shouldn't be long now, folks.

News Flash-June 16, 1998-News Flash

Yuval has just informed me of a upcoming gig in New York organized by Konkrete Jungle. There will be a live Drum N' Bass set by Yuval Gabay, Sebastian Steinberg and ex-TMBG bassist Tony Maimone, all playing under the name "U.V.RAY" Yuval says it's the live debut of his "single-smash-hit" called Let The Drums Roll. I'm trying to get more information on that, but if you're anywhere near New York this Friday, June 19th, you should make an effort to get down there. Yuval hitting the drums jungle style is a sight to behold. Their set should be around 11pm at the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, which is at the intersection of Hicks St & Old Front St on Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn. You can call 212-604-4224 for more information or directions. You may now proceed to yesterdays news, still piping hot and fresh...

June 15, 1998

First things first - many of you are wondering if your personal masterpiece has been chosen in the Soul Coughing Design Our 7" Contest. Well, as of right now, no winner has yet been chosen. There was an overwhelming response to the contest, and it took Warner quite some time just to print out the 600+ entries. When a winner is chosen, though, rest assured you'll be the first to know.

The date for El Oso has been officially set as "sometime in September" by the powers that be at Warner. An exact date is unknown at this point, but as soon as it's set I'll let you know

Those of you spending your hard-earned american dollar on cheesy teen flicks this summer may find a suprise. The familiar sounds of Soul Coughing can be heard in "Can't Hardly Wait". The song, "Wooly Imbibe", is a leftover from the Ruby Vroom era and remains one of my favorite unreleased songs. I use the present tense when I say unreleased because the song is strangely absent from the soundtrack for the movie. Silly movie producers.

In other movie news, it has been mentioned at "Addicted To Noise" and other online music news sites that The Propellorheads will be covering "Super Bon Bon" on the upcoming soundtrack to "Dead Man On Campus". Although I cannot confirm this, my suspicion is that the included song is the Propellorheads remix of the song, available on the import single and the special Japanese version of Irresistible Bliss.

For those of you jonesing for a Soul Coughing fix (and there are many of you, you've been writing me emails) I offer the following list of Soul Coughing releated recent releases. The list is linked to CDnow, which is having a sale right now, although most should be available at your local record store.

  • Try Whistling This -Neil Finn. This album by ethe x-Crowded House guy features work by Sebastian Steinberg and Yuval Gabay.
  • Dopamine - Mitchell Froom. M. Doughty does vocals on "The Bunny". Soul Coughing's first album was named after Mitchell's daughter, Ruby.
  • X Files Movie Soundtrack - Soul Coughing contributes longtime live favorite "16 Horses" to the soundtrack.
  • TeleConned Vol. 1: We Want The Airwaves - This great album should be sought out and bought above all others, for the proceeds go towards making a less big evil corporate radio environement. Soul Coughing does a live version of "Lazybones" as well as a hidden track, and Low covers "Blue Eyed Devil". Look at the Americans For Radio Diversity webpage for more info on the cause.
  • The Ponzi Scheme - Firewater. Technically, this isn't Soul Coughing Related since Yuval doesn't play on this album like he did on Get Off The Cross, but they're a great band nonethless.

This site was named a Passenger Pick from, in a rather cynical review that implied that I don't update enough, which made me feel guilty enough to update again. Thanks a lot, Passenger.

May 18, 1998

Beloved tour guy for Soul Coughing "Gentleman" Jim Norton has announced that he will no longer be touring. The amiable split was so The Man To Whom The Guitars Were Previously Passed could work full time and spend time with his own band. The following press release was issued by Gentleman Jim Headquarters deep in New Jersey.

After 8 1/2 years on the road working for bands, Gentleman Jim Norton is leaving the roadie life.

First hired by Soul Coughing in July of 1996, Gentleman Jim tried to quickly establish himself as a member of the Soul Coughing family. His frequent near-nude appearances onstage while working for the band originally garnered surprise, but quickly grew to legend, then infamy, and finally expectation. His final public display of questionable judgement was in late August, 1997, at the last show of the 1997 H.O.R.D.E. tour. For the Spring 1998 tour Gentleman Jim tried to clean up his image by donning a suit and tie for every show.

Originally enlisted to simply maintain and repair M. Doughty's guitars, Gentleman Jim, often referred to during Soul Coughing performances as "The Man to whom The Guitars are Passed" quickly took on the additional responsibilities of stage manager and mixing onstage sound for the band. As one half of the crack stage crew of Larry "Lars" Smith and Gentleman Jim, he always tried to assure that the band's interests were looked after when it concerned the performance.

Jim worked for many bands over the years, but in the spring of 1997 he announced that Soul Coughing would be the last band he ever worked for. The combined situations of freedom to express one's self and the trust that he felt he was afforded by the band members would probably never be duplicated, and so with that in mind, he decided that it would behoove him to leave on a good note.

Gentleman Jim is leaving the road life to persue his own musical interests, as well as to get involved with the field of title insurance.

All mail or comments concerning this matter can be forwarded to: OD ONE 20

A reminder: as previously reported, M. Doughty provides guest vocal on a track on Mitchell Froom's solo effort, "Dopamine". Mr. Froom, who is married to Suzanne Vega and whose daughter Ruby Vroom is misnamed after, is a longtime producer who has turned to performing himself, and the album is being released on Tuesday.

The Soul Coughing Design our 7" Single contest is now officially over. The band has all of the entries and is perusing them to find a winner. We thank all of you for your hard work and will announce the winner as soon as we know it.

May 3, 1998

I have found out that Soul Coughing will be on the soundtrack to the upcoming X-Files movie. The song, 16 Horses, was recorded during the recent El Oso sessions, and is a live favorite and in my humble opinion is worth the price of the CD by itself.

The Americans For Radio Diversity album, "TELEconned: We Want The Airwaves" has more Soul Coughing than previously thought. Not only does it have a live version of Lazbones and Low covering Blue-Eyed Devil, but there's a "hidden track" of the band interacting with the audience at a Minneapolis show. That, and Nicole Blackman, and Ben Folds Five, and Ani DiFranco... and for a good cause. Just go buy it when it comes out tuesday.

Tim Agen let me know that he's found Soul Coughing thanked (next to Mt. Dew and Terry Gilliam, amongst others) in the credits to the Blizzard Entertainment game "Starcraft". Who knew?

Fans of SC Patrong Saint Louise Brooks should know that a new documentary on the life of that silent film great will be airing on May 5th at 8pm and 11pm. The movie, "Looking For Lulu" will be on Turner Classic Movies channel along with some of Louise's films.

Don't forget about the contest, your very own chance to be famoo!

April 13, 1998

Biggest news... The 7" Contest! You the humble fan can be the artiste behind (or more accurately, in front of) a 7" single that will be releaed later this spring. Check out the details here.

The Americans For Radio Diversity album that will be released May 5th on No Alternative has a special track by Soul Coughing, according to allstar magazine. The album's called "TELEconned: We Want The Airwaves" and has Soul Coughing singing "Lazy Bones" with parts of Guided By Voices "Motor Away." The album also has tracks by Ben Folds Five and Firewater... mmm... sounds delicious!

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Katie!

April 7, 1998

The Firewater album that we all hoped would come out in late March, many of you know, didn't. The Yuval-side-project's second disc was delayed because of some problem with packaging, which will be in some sort of special tin. The new release date for "The Ponzo Scheme" is May 5th.

Doughty says that while in NYC in the next couple weeks, the band will be partaking in a photo shoot, (perhaps for El Oso?) and maybe even getting some more time in the studio.

April 1, 1998

The soundtrack to the latest addition to the Surfers-In-Yellowstone-Park film genre, "Meet The Deedles", has a track credited to "Homie". This band is actually Mat Sharp and Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and Sebastian Steinberg and Yuval Gabay from Soul Coughing. The song is called "American Girls" and is a nice little loping number.

In addition, Doughty has informed me that the track reported as "Rare Star Bar" is actually called "Rare Star Ball". No word on album tracks yet.

March 6, 1998

We must give our mad props to Mr. Sebastian Steinberg, who was given the Best Bassist award at the Gibson Guitar Award Luncheon in New York City. The finalists were Sebastian, Les Claypool, and Paul McCartney, and the ballots were sent to guitar magazines, writers, and guitar stores across America. Much congrats go out to Sebbie!

In other news... I have gotten a list of songs that were recorded in the El Oso sessions. Not all of these songs will be on the final album, but it'll give you a taste of what's been layed dow:

  • Rollin'
  • Misinformed
  • St. Louise
  • Science
  • Maybe I'll Come Down
  • There's only one everything
  • Miss the Girl
  • These are the Reasons
  • 16 Horses
  • 300 Dollars
  • Pensacola
  • 212
  • Houston
  • Circles
  • Monster Man
  • Strange Thing
  • F-Train
  • Rare Star Bar
  • Love theme from Misinformed
  • Whole World
  • Needle to the Bar.

As those who have seen The Cough live recently can attest, tracks like Miss The Girl, 16 Horses, and Science do indeed rock one's booty, so this album should be great.

Febuary 20, 1998

Here we go, folks. The news you've been waiting for. The mixing is done, the masters go out in a few weeks... El Oso is in the can. Scheduled release date is August 25th... start counting the days.

And here's the other news you've been waiting for. Soul Coughing is looking into doing a series of college dates in late April/early May. There is nothing definate yet, and most concerts will be open only to college students, but if you're involved with higher education in the northwest area of the united states, you might be in for a treat.

The ARD album I mentioned earlier has confirmed a track by Yuval's side project Firewater as well as one from Ben Folds Five. Yummy.

Febuary 16, 1998

According to this article from, the group Americans For Radio Diversity (ARD) is putting out a benefit album that will include our very own Soul Coughing. ARD tried to stop the sale of independant radio station Rev 105, the station that gave Soul Coughing its huge fanbase in the Minneapolis area. On the disc will be a live version of "Lazy Bones" and Low covering "Blue Eyed Devil," among other tracks. More tracks, including one by Yuval's side project Firewater, may be added. The album, called "TELECONNED Volume 1" should be released on May 5th.

Febuary 7, 1998

The things kids say nowadays: there have been rumors of Doughty being part of a project with Pavement's Stephen Malkus and Kevin Sharpe called "Indian Burial Ground." According to Doughty, though, you should't beleive the hype. Says he, "Nope. Never heard of it. However, badass of them to namecheck Kevin Sharp, who Mark and I did John Zorn's "Cobra" with, way back before the dawn of Soul Coughing. Amazing screamer is he."

The second album by Firewater (which includes our beloved drummer Yuval Gabay, as well as Cop Shoot Cop's Tod A and other rock all-stars) is called "The Ponzi Scheme" and will be released March 31st. If it's half as good as the first, its very much worth picking up.

The month of April will be called April Anarchy for the New-York based Poemfone. The reason why this is relevant to Soul Coughing is that M. Doughty was a featured reader on Poemfone (and is also in their CD, "New Word Order" and their book, "Verses That Hurt"). During April, any past poet can call in a poem, bumping off whatever poet's poem is currently there. Hopefully Doughty will enter the fray. Poemfone's number is (212)631.4234

January 31, 1998

The biggest, most obvious bit of news is the fact that this whole darn page has been redesigned. It took me a while but I finally did it, and frankly, I think it looks sorta nice. But I got a mad backache from days spent at the computer working on it, thank you very much.

As for the band (remember, this page is about a band, not just tooting my own horn) they've returned to the studio to work on El Oso with Tchad Blake. Roni Size and Reprazent have had some scheduling difficulties in meeting with The Cough, but they still hope to get together to work with them, perhaps on an EP.

December 12, 1997

Ladies and Gentleman, in case you have yet to notice, I have a new address for The 5% Nation. It is I have become the official site. The older site, which could only be viewed with advanced NASA supercomputers directly wired to the internet, is no longer around. My move is reason for much celebration. It is not reason, of course, to stop sending me boxes full of candy.

I've been getting a lot of emails from folks who apparently can't seem to scroll down on this page, so I'll say it again: Yes, it is Soul Coughing in that Gap ad. Yeesh.


I feel a bit silly announcing this so late, but I wanted it cleared with the band first since it's of a personal nature. On September 4th of this year, hunky bass player Sebastian Steinberg married Anne Colleen Millett. Of course, all of us in soulcoughingland wish them a wonderful marriage together...


The Suzy Snowflake EP has been issued to radio stations, don't be suprised if you hear Soul Coughing singing a jolly holidays over the airwaves sometime soon. Heck, go use my radio station phone number list to call up and request it.

November 13, 1997

The initial recording phases of El Oso are wrapped up now, although the record is by no means in the bag. The group plans to go back into the studio in January, hopefully with Roni Size to remix some stuff and help them with new things. As stands they've had rapper Casual come in to record a song called "Needle To The Bar" and lay down some freestyle verses over "212". Elliot Smith also came by the studio to record a few things, and there are rumors/hopes that Common Sense and/or Neil Young will also contribute stuff for El Oso.

As stands, sopngs recorded for El Oso include, but aren't limited to 212, St. Louise, Needle to the Bar, Monster Man, Science, I Miss the Girl, and Maybe I'll Come Down.


Many of you know that the name El Oso comes the age-old Soul Coughing tradition of drawing little bears on their set lists. But many of you kicked and whined and demanded to know more. So I got nosy. When pressed, Sebastian had this to say:

I like bears. On the cop shoot cop tour i would whine till doughty drew a bear on the set list; then Gus took over.


A limited-edition Soul Coughing EP is being pressed by Warner Brothers to be sent only to radio stations. Although you won't be able to buy it at your local store, you will be able to request SC's rendition of Suzy Snowflake from your local alt.rock station, and I you should keep your eyes peeled here to The 5% Nation as I very well may be giving a few copies away. It will contain the following tracks for your holiday delight (in no particular order)

  1. Super Bon Bon (from the Howard Stern show)
  2. Screenwriter's Blues (from KROQ morning show)
  3. Collapse (from a Y100 show)
  4. Janine (from a live concert)
  5. Suzy Snowflake

After leaving the Los Angeles studio, Sebastian and Yuval hopped a jet to the big apple where they entered the studio all over again - this time of ex Crowded House member Neill Finn. They worked on a couple of Finn's tracks for his upcoming solo album and even jammed a little bit. Sebastian was quoted as saying, "that man wrote some damn amazing songs."

September 21, 1997

Welcome everybody, and see the New page for my official apology for lack of updates. I do have some juicy news for you, though, so read on..

The soundtrack to the HBO series Subway Stories, by Mecca Bodega, has guest vocals on the track Love On The A Train by none other than our pal M. Doughty. The record is in stores now and there's a clip on my samples page.

Doughty has this to report from the studio, about working with legendary DJ Roni Size and other happenings in the recording of El Oso:

  • Dynamite would probably be in the house as well--the idea is to work with Roni and Krust and Die and the whole Full Cycle crew, the full collaborative energy. But, they're mad busy, so the best we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

    Common Sense, the rapper from Chicago--there are inklings of plans in the works, as well as inklings for Oakland rapper Casual, DC rapper DJ Kool, and getting Neil Young to duet and throw out some mad guitar squall on a cover of Low's "Words."

    Tchad Blake has no respect for things greater than ourselves in the world. He forced me to go cut vocals on a track called "Monster Man" just as Valerie jumped into the pool with that weird buff-Rob-Schneider guy on 90210 this evening, Pacific Standard Time. I missed virtually the entire episode. Some people.

    Today I have resolved to wear more ties. Why? To be more like Opus, of course.

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