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That Devil Guy

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That Devil Guy

The Devil. Just load the picture and see, you wimp.

This may be the most obscure bit of trivia I have, and therefore I have regulated it to this secret page. You're special for finding it. Don't tell the secret to anybody or your nose will turn from an "outie" to an "innie," which can be quite painful.

Warner Brothers had a contest long ago they called the "Name That Funky Devil Contest," the point of which was to name the above devil character from the Ruby Vroom art. They received a lot of enteries, which they passed on to Doughty to judge the winner.

Doughty has an eye for the odd. He's not quite sure if this entry was a mistake or a strange joke. But somebody sent in an entry reading only "Stone Temple Pilots" and Doughty chose this as the name of the little devil guy. Now you know. It's all very hush hush.

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