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The lads of Soul Coughing not only rock and roll, but type as well! And the words they string together are entirely fun, and so is reading them. Take a gander below so you can say you read them before they hit Oprah's Book Club.

M. Doughty

Peach Pit Babylon - Doughty, confessed Beverly Hills 90210 Junkie, wrote his reactions to the shows of the 1996-97 season.

Poetry - Selections from Doughty's book of poetry, "Slanky", availabe for order from the Buy Stuff Here page.

The Novella - Doughty tells, in detail, the intricacies of the recording of their next album, El Oso.


Gentleman Jim Norton

The Uberpants Story - Gentleman Jim, Roadie extraordinaire and fashion plate, tells the true story of the battle for the pants of his dreams.

Jim, The Romantic - A true story.

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